Loreen Gage for Dane County Board

Hello District #36

Loreen Gage is running for the Dane County Board of Supervisors; this is an opportunity to bring about meaningful change in key areas that impact the lives of residents. With Loreen's knowledge and experience in leadership, affordable housing, and community resource connection, she will be a strong advocate for constituents in areas such as public health, affordable housing, mental health, social services, and environmental sustainability. In this role, she will actively contribute to shaping policies and decisions that address these pressing issues and create a positive impact in the Dane County community. 

Are You Ready for Election Day?

Election day is April 2nd, 2024! Ensure that you are ready for this by finding your polling location, registering, and previewing what's on the ballot here.

Contact Loreen Gage

Phone: (414)303-5016

Email: loreengagefordanecounty@gmail.com


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Endorsed by Mark W. Garry II -- Chief of Cottage Grove Village Police Department.

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