Meet Loreen Gage

Who is Loreen Gage?

Loreen's parents, Melvin (deceased) and Marilyn Yates instilled the values of hard work and giving back to the community in her from an early age; she had the privilege of working alongside them as a Mortgage Broker for the family-owned business, Chuch Mortgage LLC, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their main focus was assisting first-time homebuyers in purchasing homes in marginalized areas of the city. Additionally, she gained valuable insights into the importance of hard work through her employment at her dad's hardware stores, United Paint and Pro Hardware.

Loreen is the proud mother of three beautiful daughters: Jasmine, Kennedy, and Leah. Two of them have already graduated from Monona Grove High School, while her youngest, Leah, is currently a freshman there. While Kennedy is a volunteer firefighter for the Cottage Grove Fire Department. 

In 2019 Loreen relocated from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Cottage Grove to work for Housing Initiatives as a Client Services Director. 

In this role, she managed a department of caseworkers who assist individuals experiencing homelessness and mental illness in finding permanent and stable housing. she also had the opportunity to work at Movin' Out as the Resident Assistant Manager, providing support to residents in various affordable housing projects, including Glen Grove located in Cottage Grove.

 Moreover, she was appointed to the Monona Grove School Board out of a pool of 16 candidates. Since then, she has served as the School Board President for the past three years. Currently, she is employed as a middle school English Teacher in Madison, where she continues to serve and make a positive impact in the lives of her students.


Loreen Gage spoke with Isaac Trussoni from Madison365  regarding her candidacy for the Dane County Board of Supervisors; she elaborated on the importance of her experience and how this would impact her ability to serve District #36.

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