Connected Community

Affordable Housing - Advocacy - Leadership - Community Connections 

As the next Dane County Supervisor, Loreen will leverage her extensive experience and expertise in affordable housing, advocacy, leadership, and community connections to make a positive impact on our local government and community. 

Here is how she plans to contribute in these areas:


1. Affordable Housing: Loreen understands the pressing need for affordable housing in our community. She will work tirelessly to address this issue by advocating for policies that promote affordable housing developments, increasing funding for housing assistance programs, and collaborating with local organizations to find innovative solutions to the housing crisis. she promises to prioritize the preservation and improvement of existing affordable housing options. 

 2. Advocacy: Loreen is a passionate advocate for the needs and concerns of our community. She actively listens to the voices of residents, community leaders, and organizations, ensuring that their concerns are brought to the forefront and addressed in county decision-making processes. She will fight for equitable and inclusive policies that uplift all members of our diverse community.

 3. Leadership: With her experience in leadership roles, she plans to provide effective and accountable leadership as the Dane County Supervisor. She will work collaboratively with other supervisors, county officials, and community stakeholders to develop and implement policies that align with the best interests of our constituents. Loreen's leadership style is inclusive, transparent, and focused on achieving tangible results. 

 4. Community Connections: Building strong community connections is crucial for effective governance; Loreen will actively engage with residents through social media , community events, and open forums to foster constructive dialogue and gather feedback on key issues. By maintaining strong relationships with community organizations, businesses, and residents, she will ensure that county decisions reflect the needs and aspirations of the diverse population. She is committed to making Dane County a better place for all residents by addressing the challenges we face in affordable housing, advocating for community needs, providing strong leadership, and fostering meaningful community connections. With her extensive experience and expertise, she is confident in her ability to contribute positively to the role of Dane County Supervisor.

Do these issues resonate with your values for the community, too? 

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